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Welcome to the Vine Life

Live Life Now.

What is The Vine Life?

The Vine Life is a way of life, an opportunity to express yourself and your love of wine. It’s the kind of life you want to lead. It’s a space where you can be your authentic self and enjoy what’s good about your life. It’s the intersection of friends, family, the simple things and good times. The Vine Life people are your “tribe” and you know you are in the right place when you gather around a campfire, the beach or a table and raise a glass in toast.

You value hard work and play, relaxation matters too. It’s the quality in your time. Sometimes, we get so busy that we miss those moments of joy that are part of each day. We encourage you to sit back, breathe deep and take a sip of the Vine Life.




About the Vine Life

“If you care to look and learn, some of the best wines available are under $20.”

The Vine Life was founded to bring together the joy and harmony of living an authentic life and connecting with those near you through our love of wine and sharing wine.  Our mission is to:

  • Help our tribe embrace life, reconnect with the joy that sometimes gets lost on every day
  • Make wine appreciation and enjoyment more accessible
  • Bring our tribe unique products and content synonymous with quality and attitude
  • Educate on all things wine.
  • Support some of our favorite causes

Each time we bring you a new product, they will be carefully selected for quality and tested with our select group of influencers and product reviewers. It’s not about the profits, but about good products. The Vine Life is always evolving, working to stay fresh, relevant and true to our mission. And the Vine Life gives back. We want to celebrate all that life has to offer and we hope you’ll join us!

The Essence of the Vine Life

One summer late afternoon, I was sitting on my deck under the canopy while it was raining. I had good music on and a fine cigar while enjoying a nice bottle of wine. I was in a great place in my life reflecting on family, personal successes and love. Shortly thereafter, a neighbor joined me as we continued to share wine, stories and laughter. Later that evening, several more neighbors joined. All under my canopy, all enjoying stories, laughter, togetherness and wine. That’s living the Vine Life.

Steve Burns, Founder, The Vine Life

Are you living the Vine Life?

Be a part of the movement.

Live Life Now

Express yourself and your love of wine!

How Can You Be a part of The Vine Life?

Be a part of the movement. Capture your best moments with friends, family and wine. Wear your Vine Life swag! Socialize tag #thevinelife and spread the word. Showcase your energy. Keep it contagious. Celebrate! No judgement. Be you!

Coming Soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for new, high quality items from The Vine Life. Our first line of ball caps will be available soon in a limited edition run to celebrate out launch! Watch here for more details.
We’ll be following with T shirts for men and women with Vine Life appeal and fun and funny messages. There will be more hat styles. And, of course, wine paraphernalia (aka doodads)– wine bottle bags, wine bottle openers, wine aerators. If you have an idea for a great wine gizmo or cool swag item, drop us a line. We want to know what you think!

In the Wine Cave (i.e. Stuff We’re Working On)

We’re coming up with a great early adopter’s/influencers program. Participants will get early access to new products, lifetime discounts and exclusive items in exchange for honest testing and reviews including pictures of you loving (or not loving when that’s the case – though we’ll be trying hard to have you love everything, we know not everything is going to be a win while we get this little vine growing) the new item. We’ll be looking for posts of you with your favorites out on social media. More on that after we refine (or distill?) those details.